Thursday, February 9, 2017


We are delving into the art of Storytelling during our English sessions school-wide. Storytelling is important because it effectively teaches in a way that students can easily remember, and it helps us to relate to one another. Stories affirm who we are, and allow us to experience the similarities between ourselves and others, real or imagined. Stories help us make meaning of our lives.

The steps of storytelling that students have been exploring this week are Hear-listening to the story being told to them, Map-drawing a cyclic mind map using images to recount the key events of the story, Step-Stepping out the key events using actions, Speak-Retelling the story in preparation for writing.

Here are some pics of us stepping and a video of Alex and Jacob and Harper and Taylor stepping out the story The Freedom Song. Ask them to tell you the story :) 

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  1. Loving the enthusiasm on all the students faces in these pictures. What a great fun way to explore writing!! Love your work SENIORS