Sunday, April 2, 2017

PCT Competition 2017

On Monday 27 March the Seniors had 2 teams go to the PCT Competition which was held at Cowles Stadium.  There was a Year 7 team - Liam, Libby, Boyd and Tui.

Liam I enjoyed doing the course, and the Zumba was pretty funny.
Tui  I am obsessed with the twerking.  A great day.
Boyd  The day was amazing and the sausages were nice
Libby  The Zumba was fun because of the moves, it was fun.. The course was real fun.

Mixing up with different kids from different school was great, we worked really well together and that helped us through the course.  The Year 7 team won a spot prize and were amazing for their first time at the event.

The Year 8 team was Jimmy, Maggie, Harper and Kayse.

Harper  I liked working as a team and all the activities were great because we were learning new skills.  The Zumba was great, the instructor was amazing!!
Kayse  Dancing and striking a pose were my favourite, especially the twerking.  Getting to meet the police officers was cool too.
Jimmy  Working with other people was great, becoming a policeman was awesome.  It could be a career maybe.
Maggie  Doing all the activities with the Youth Town organizers was great.  We improved our ranking from last year and made it into the top 5.

We got throught the course really well because we worked together, we were faster and always encouraged each other to reach our best.  Our strategy worked well.  We noticed that some teams didn't stay together and that was kinda sad to see.  Kayse and Jimmy won a Youth Town activity.

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